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Girl with Horse

Owned and managed by Karma M. Howard, MA, LPC-MHSP, Second Chance Ranch Counseling and Equine Therapy, LLC offers a unique approach to counseling, mental health, and emotional healing by utilizing a variety of experiential opportunities in individual, family, and group counseling sessions to support therapeutic goals and skill building, including animal interactions, art, yoga, games, and horticulture.  Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is incorporated into individual, family, and group sessions as needed or requested by clients; it is also available as a stand-alone therapeutic experience to the community.  In addition, we offer EMDR, a specialized trauma treatment, to clients who want to resolve past trauma in order to be able to function in a healthier way in the present.  Our goal is to give clients the support and tools they need to solve their own problems and be empowered to achieve and maintain a healthier level of function in every area of their lives! 

Our beautiful 4-acre facility provides a peaceful backdrop to all our therapeutic activities; because our home office is located on a small farm, therapists can easily transition from traditional talk therapy in an office setting to exploring treatment concerns while watching chickens or petting goats!  Clients are offered the choice to sit indoors or outdoors, to conduct sessions with animals present, to engage in art activities or mindfulness -- whatever feels most meaningful to them and achieves the desired therapeutic results.  

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